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House of the Witchdoctor


Breaking Glass Pictures  
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This movie hit me as completely unknown to me and had no idea what to expect other than some schlocky bad low budget horror film. As I start watching House of the Witchdoctor that notion completely fades as this is a film that seems to want to pay homage to I Spit On Your Grave and Last House of the Left in terms of having female characters deal with some of the most vile male characters you can imagine that seem like total wild animals with no regard for human life.

Our films starts off with the release of ex-convict Cliff (Allan Kayser) who is greeted by his druggy buddy Buzz (David Willis), even though Bill Moseley is in the film I got to say this Buzz character is a weird combination of Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Otis from Devil’s Rejects. The tone of the film gets set immediately when you see Cliff go home and off his own elderly mother and then sets out for drugs and gets into a pretty horrific scenario with a drug dealer, where that very drug dealer is beaten down, tied up and forced to watch in horror as Cliff rapes and murders his girl right before his very eyes and then kills him after he finishes, that is the kind of bottom of the barrel human being this film has given birth to.

After that madness dies down we meet a group of collage kids who are getting together and have not seen each other for quite sometime, everything seems pretty innocent except for a little weed nothing that any one of that age doesn’t delve into just a little, a couple of them go to a diner which at that point they cross paths with our two scumbag characters and once again the sleaze factor is cranked up to a high notch as Cliff draws a knife on the male and Buzz acts incredibly sleazy and practically molests the female out in the open view of the diner and literally nothing stops them until they see a Sheriff which is their cue to make a quick escape. Shaken up by in incident they flag down the Sheriff and their friends also meet them inside and report it but they are obviously long at this point and their Sheriff merely explains they are probably low lifes just passing through.

After the whole thing cools off every one heads to their friends Leslie’s (Callie Stephens) house where we also meet her parents Peter Van Hooten (Bill Moseley) and Irene Van Hooten (Leslie Easterbrook), who seems like nice parents and a pretty tame role for Bill Moseley who generally seems to be an over energetic psycho in most of his roles but here just seems like a cool and calm father. He greets every one and him and his wife are going away and give a small warning to every one explaining that the basement is off limits since that is his place of work. Once the parents are gone, Collage kids indulge themselves until our disgusting duo make a surprise appearance and wreck all kinds of havoc in the house and go on a drug fueled murder and raping rampage that truly makes you feel the utmost contempt for these characters, once it Is whittled down to just Leslie she has to find shelter into the basement, her parents return during the ordeal and this turns into one of those infamous situations where the crap really hits the fan and becomes interesting, much like I Spit On Your Grave and Last House on the Left you would expect some extreme revenge dealt to the two men after savagely raping two of the three women in the house, but instead the film takes a disappointing turn and the two men are dealt with in a pretty mild “ending” and the Van Hooten family gives you a little surprise twist on who they really are and what their true intentions are. The twist in this film was not what I had really expected and felt a little rushed towards the end as this movie was spent pretty much making you hate Cliff and Buzz and wishing nothing more than a gruesome and painful death for the two. Ill just say the Witchdoctor part of the films title comes out in full force towards the end of the film.

As I said previously this was a pretty unknown film to me so it was kind of a decent film with the exception of all the rape and uncomfortable feeling from having to watch that, I appreciated the interesting cast that was brought together using Bill Moseley and people from Night of the Creeps, The Devils Rejects and even a couple from Ilsa She Wolf of the SS. I think a bonus feature on why they cast certain actors for this film would have been interesting, if you can stomach all the brutal rape in this film House of the Witchdoctor turned out to be a pleasantly decent film that provides a decent twist at the end.


Directed by:

Devon Mikolas


Written by:

Devon Mikolas



Bill Moseley
Leslie Easterbrook
Allan Kayser
Callie Stephens
Stefie Grote
Dyanne Thorne
Emily Bennett
David Andreiw
Summer Bills
Howard Maurer
Nick Bastounes
Danny Miller
David Willis

DVD Features:

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
English Subtitles

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